HotHead Technologies’ Heat Sensor Validated

Kennesaw State in the process of the second phase of the H.O.T. System research

Atlanta GA, USA — /Newswire/ – HotHead Technologies, Inc. has announced that the technology they have developed to prevent heat-related injuries in football has been validated by Kennesaw State University researchers.

???Its exciting news that research from a university as respected as Kennesaw State has been able to verify the reliability and validity of this device,??? said Jay Buckalew, Founder and CEO of HotHead Technologies.

???Heat-related injury and death has been of great concern recently. We???re thankful that, starting this season, we can begin to put the minds of parents, coaches and trainers at ease.???

???In more than a decade of conducting prototype research, I have never seen data come out as tight as the data we collected for this technology,??? said Dr. Laurie Tis PhD., ATC., FACSM, Associate Dean and Professor at Kennesaw State University.

???The research confirmed the correlation between actual body temperature and the relayed information. This is just a good, solid device. I am confident that HotHead???s technology is ready for market.???

As the spring football season approaches, universities and high schools throughout the country are beginning to ask how they can properly measure the body temperature of their student-athletes and prevent these types of heat-related injuries.

They have never been able to accurately monitor the body temperature of an athlete on the field – until now.

The Heat Observation Technology (H.O.T.) System provides coaches and athletic trainers with an early-warning detection system.

The dime-size device is integrated into an athlete???s helmet where it tracks the temperature trends of players on the field. That data is then wirelessly sent to a PDA where it can be monitored in real-time.

In the event a player???s temperature rises above normal, an audible alert is set off to warn a coach or certified athletic trainer that the player should be evaluated and cooled down.

Kennesaw State is currently in the process of conducting the second phase of the H.O.T. System research. Results will be submitted to peer-reviewed scientific journals as early as this summer.

About HotHead Sports

HotHead Sports (, a division of HotHead Technologies, Inc., is an Atlanta-based company offering a patent-pending and proprietary monitoring solution termed the Heat Observation Technology (H.O.T.) system. The system is designed as an aid in the prevention of heat-related illness in athletes.

Within the coming years, HotHead Technologies will target additional segments that have a need for biosensor technologies such as public safety, military, industrial, and other markets. ???HotHead ???, ???HotHead Sports???, Heat Observation Technology (H.O.T) and the HotHead Sports logo are trademarks .

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