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Camera Loyalty to Brand xOnline — Despite the fact that The Snell Group makes it crystal clear in class that we are vendor-neutral, I am often asked for advice about camera brands.

Now naturally I have a brand preference as an individual because as individuals we’re wired that way. We all have favorites for various things. Coke or Pepsi, baseball or football, Lebron James or Michael Jordan–whatever the arena is, we have favorites.

My brand preference, however, is exactly that; mine.

I have my reasons, and they’re likely different than the reasons you might consider important. Somewhere along the training journey though, I might let it slip what my preferences are.

When I do, I make sure to emphasize that it isn’t an endorsement, just my personal preference.

There is a particular situation, however, where I will advise a student or customer to choose a specific brand. The one time that I’ll advise you to buy Brand X is this: when you already own a Brand X and it’s working well for you.

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