IR Sensors for Glass, Si & GaAs Processes

Process Sensors Offers Complete Solutions:

Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Measurement

Franklin Lakes NJ, USA –?? With over 15 years of instrument manufacturing and application engineering experience, Process Sensors Corporation is uniquely positioned to serve the temperature measurement needs of the PV Cell manufacturing industry.

The company???s range of IR Temperature sensors and Thermal Imaging Cameras have specifications selected for optimum measurement performance in each application.

Specific Applications (Apps) Include:

??? Directional Solidification Casting
??? CdTe Cells ??? Thin Film Deposition
??? Silicon Crystal Pulling
??? CVD Siemens Process ??? Silicon Ingot Growing
??? Polycrystalline Casting
??? Radiant Heat Soldering
??? Laser Weld Inspection
??? CIGS Cells ??? Thin Film Deposition Process

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Download the PDF: Solar Cell Brochure (IR Sensors for Glass, Photovoltaic (PV PSCV), Silicon & GaAs Wafer Applications)


Production of photovoltaic (PV) cells is growing at an unprecedented rate in response to the increasing use of this technique to generate electric power from sunlight. The need to find competitive sources of electrical power as an alternative to fossil fuels is also creating pressure to increase the efficiency of the PV cell.

While research is focusing on newer, more efficient types of photo devices, such as the ???Glitter??? cell, practice has shown that the cost effectiveness of established production methods can significantly be improved by increasing the yield and improving quality through precise temperature measurement and control.

The products are supported globally by expert application engineers who provide comprehensive, turnkey, temperature measurement solutions.

Process Sensors Corporation, PSC, has been manufacturing process sensing equipment since 1995. Starting with NIR Moisture, PSC has expanded its sensing line to include a specialty line of non-contact infrared temperature measurement sensors, Thermal imaging systems, portable thermal imaging cameras and Thermal line cameras.

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