Learn all about traceable temp calibration

From Fluke Calibration:

Everett WA, USA — Temperature is likely the most widely measured parameter in industry today. Thermocouples (TCs), Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs), Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRTs), Liquid-in-Glass thermometers (LIGs).

With so many temperature sensors to calibrate, how do you know what equipment is best for the job? Plus…

How do I measure temperature?

  • How much accuracy and uncertainty are needed?
  • How do I choose a probe?
  • What about calibration: Who, when, how and… traceability?

Download Fluke Calibration???s application note, Temperature Measurement and Calibration: What Every Instrument Technician Should Know, that will help you chart your course to understanding temperature sensor types, traceability, accuracy, uncertainty,what a TUR of 4:1 means, traceability and the equipment & resources required for calibration. —>Download application note.

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