Measurement & calibration in the growth of LNG market


Article: “Emerson’s Buttler outlines the importance of calibration and measurement in growth of LNG market”
by Sean McMahon

Online — “As the LNG market continues to expand, the importance of precise calibration and measurement will continue to grow. SmartBrief caught up with Marc Buttler, Director of Application Innovation for Oil & Gas at Emerson Automation Solutions, at the recent World Gas Conference in Washington, DC, for an update on the latest trends in calibration and measurement.”

“Buttler, who was at the WGC to talk calibration options for Coriolis Meters in natural gas measurement, is active with API’s Committee on Petroleum Measurement and with the National Conference of Weights and Measures.”

“How much is flexibility around calibration driving adoption in the LNG space?”

“The transferability of calibration from one fluid to another is very important because there are so few resources around the world that have traceable cryogenic liquid calibration capability.

“By being able to demonstrate that our calibration in our factory laboratory that is just on water at room temperature conditions is accurate when they put it into an LNG traceable lab gives people the comfort and the confidence they need to be able to use our factory calibrations that are provided with each meter to measure both LNG and natural gas.”

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