Near-Infrared (NIR) IP Camera for Surveillance Systems

Both Indoor & Outdoor

Image Comparison under 850 nm illuminationOnline — Digital imaging developer OmniVision Technologies, Inc. and VATICS Inc., a multimedia communication system-on-chip (SoC) solutions provider have collaborated to develop a near-infrared (NIR) IP camera solution,  VATICS’ M5S SoC, for 5 MPixel indoor and outdoor surveillance systems.

VATICS’ M5S SoC combines an ARM Cortex processor core, a CEVA DSP, a SmartHEVC/AVC new generation of image signal processor, a de-warping hard core, and advanced audio and video analytics, according to Joseph Wei, senior marketing director at VATICS.

This SoC integration allows developers to create distinctive features in their applications, including 180°/360° wide-angle professional IP cameras with advanced video analytics for surveillance scenes under low- and no-light conditions using OmniVision’s OS05A20 sensor“, he said.

OmniVision’s 0S05A20 CMOS image sensor is the first sensor to implement the company’s new Nyxel technology, which leverages novel silicon semiconductor architectures and processes that address the inherent challenges in NIR detection in image sensors…

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