New Chilled Mirror Hygrometer from Michell

The new Optidew range

Ely, UKOptidew 401 and Optidew 501 — Michell’s engineers have developed a unique, hybrid mirror to provide a fast response to changes in temperature and humidity, while also improving the drift-free accuracy of the fundamental chilled mirror technique by 25% to ±0.15 °C.

The mirror is highly resistant to corrosion from acids and other contaminants, and, during rigorous testing, outlasted other mirrors based on traditional designs.

Customers will be offered three choices of sensor: single and dual stage cooling, plus a dual-stage sensor which is designed specifically for use in harsh, demanding applications such as control of metallurgical processes.

This harsh environment sensor is capable of operating in temperatures up to 120 °C.

It’s not just the sensor that Michell’s engineers have improved: the control unit has also been re-designed with a new case design and improved firmware.

The new Optidew has two formats:

  1. Optidew 501 wall mounted unit, and
  2. Optidew 401 bench top instrument.

Both are available with a full colour touch screen HMI for easy local operation and interrogation.

The Optidew 501 is also available as a transmitter, without a screen, for integration into a DCS, or an environmental monitoring system such as the adaptive Rotronic Monitoring System (RMS).

Michell also offers PC-based software for data capture and graphing.

The transmitter version also includes a multi-colour LED indicator which clearly displays the instruments’ status for operators to view locally.

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