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OMEGA Introduces The FTB8000HW Series

Omega Engineering/s FTB8000HW Hot Water Meter

Stamford CT, USA — Omega introduces the FTB8000HW series of hot water meters. This series of meters feature flow rates from .22 to 132 GPM, 150 psi maximum operating pressure, 90 ??C?? (194 ??F) maximum operating temperature and field-adjustable pulse output.

Ideal for manufacturing industries and ideal for applications where hot water usage monitoring is necessary.

Price Starts at $191

The FTB8000HW Series meters use the multi-jet principle, which has been an internationally accepted standard for many years. This type of meter is known for its wide range, simplicity, and accuracy in low quality water.

Twelve different Models are available in three types for each of four different flow ranges (22 to 132 GPM top of range).

Mechanically, all FTB8000HW meters are the same. The difference between the -PR, -PT, and standard models (no suffix designation) is in the sensor. The -PR model meters use a solid state, long lasting Hall-effect sensor, which requires power.

While the -PT model meters use a 2-wire reed switch. They provide a dry-contact closure and do not require power.

The basic FTB8000HW meters utilize a gear train that drives the register totalizer dials providing total only with no electrical output.

Never install water meters above or over areas where leakage would cause damage.

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