NEW Humidity-Temperature LIDAR

At the World Meteorological CIMO-TECO conference

temperature-humidity lidarOnline  —  Raymetrics is thrilled to unveil a revolutionary instrument, the brand-new Humidity-Temperature LIDAR.

Delivering accurate profiling of atmospheric temperature, working 24/7, the new product can provide measurements of temperature and humidity from near the ground up to few kilometers and a time resolution of approximately every few minutes.

The measurements are based on accurate observation of the spectral signature of atmospheric molecules and their changes with ambient temperature.

The new system integrates findings from leading research institutes,into robust and reliable lidar that can cover requirements for a wide range of application.

The system can be optimized either for Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL) monitoring, or observation in the middle and upper troposphere.

The interpretations of the data are done using proprietary algorithms that exploit the full information content on the measurements, delivering consistently better results than even state-of-the-art retrieval techniques.

Raymetrics will unveil the new system for the first time in the Meteorological Technology World Expo 2018.

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Raymetrics has been in operation since 2002, making us probably the first atmospheric LIDAR company in the world. Back then, the only people using aerosol LIDARs were researchers. We therefore come from a background in LIDAR science – and to this day we maintain strong links with the academic community.

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