New MWIR Uncooled FPA ROIC

Larger resolution | Digital interface | High-speed | Very competitive price
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Madrid, Espa??a — New Infrared Technologies (NIT) presents the new and revolutionary TACHYON SERIES: uncooled MWIR imaging detectors with ROIC monolithically integrated and digital interface for control and data readout (input / output).

The new TACHYON FPAs will be available in two formats: a new, larger resolution 80 x 80 pixels FPA (TACHYON 6400 FPA), and a 32 x 32 version (TACHYON 1024 FPA), allowing image acquisition frame rates of 2 kHz (@80 x 80) and 10 kHz (@32 x 32).

Both versions work in complete uncooled operation, making them the only FPAs in the market for MWIR detection with ROIC and uncooled performance.

The TACHYON FPA sensors, made of polycrystalline PbSe using the Vapor Phase Deposition manufacturing method (exclusive from NIT), are built directly on top of the Si-CMOS readout circuitry (ROIC) taking advantage of the VPD ??? Si-CMOS manufacturing method compatibility.

This allows the use of large Si CMOS substrates (8-inch) and has a big impact in the final cost per device obtained. The spectral response is mainly centered in the MWIR (3 ??? 5 ?m) with a peak response @ 3.7 ?m; in addition, the material has an extended response down to 1 micron.

The Si-CMOS ROIC has been specifically designed for the VPD PbSe material and is based in an innovative pixel design called Active Pixel Sensor. Each pixel includes the following functionalities: dark current correction, signal amplification, ADC stage, and programmable gain/offset compensation.

This allows to achieve very high acquisition speed as most of the processing is made at pixel level, and all the pixels are read at the same time (snapshot acquisition).

As an infrared detector perfectly suitable for civilian and defense applications, the new TACHYON FPAs represent a major breakthrough in the infrared industry and will have a huge impact in future infrared sensing systems.

For example, some industrial applications will move from single point detectors to imaging detectors, capturing much more information and at a similar price level thanks to the multiple advantages of the new TACHYON FPA SERIES from NIT.

In the military side, some applications include Active Protection Systems (APS), Passive Infrared Cueing Systems (PICS), final guidance, intelligent ammunition and countermeasures, with an orientation to low cost system development.

New Infrared Technologies manufactures MWIR (1 – 5 ?m) uncooled detectors, being the only company offering high-speed imaging FPAs with these characteristics. The product offer is completed with linear arrays for scanning systems and single element detectors (cooled detectors also available), also offering electronic modules for high-speed acquisition (2,000 images per second and up to 20,000 lines per second), cameras for R+D and detectors for spectroscopy applications, all based on self-produced sensors.

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