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Meet Hukseflux in Amsterdam  09-11 October

HuksefluxDelft, The Netherlands  —   Hukseflux Thermal Sensors welcomes you to visit stand 9020 at Meteorological Technology World Expo in Amsterdam!

The innovative company from Delft will showcase its range of SR30, SR15, SR05 and DR30 sensors for next level solar radiation measurement, and then some.

SR30 is the ultimate all-digital secondary standard pyranometer for scientific meteorological observations.

With Recirculating Ventilation and Heating (RVH™) in its standard configuration, SR30 offers the highest measurement accuracy and data availability, outperforming all pyranometers with traditional ventilation systems.

SR30 is the first pyranometer compliant with Class A requirements of the new IEC 61724-1 standard for PV monitoring. Besides irradiance, SR30 offers remote diagnostics such as tilt and humidity measurements as outputs.

The new SR15 first class pyranometer, with heater, is ideal for high-accuracy networks.

The affordable second class SR05 pyranometer, with unique ball levelling, is aimed at general solar radiation measurement in large (agro-)meteorological networks. DR30 pyrheliometer, also heated, is a next level solution for measuring DNI, Direct Normal Irradiance, available for tracker-mounted operation.

New to market is a range of accessories. Hukseflux will show a product preview of the upcoming shadow ring for pyranometers. Also new is an accessory set of nifty mounting fixtures for easy mounting and levelling when deploying sensors in the field.

Also on display is TCOMSYS thermal comfort measuring system, a new tool for research and education, brilliant in measuring the effect of convection and radiation sources on human comfort. Hukseflux’s friendly booth staff gladly demonstrates the system to you.

Make sure to visit the Hukseflux stand for the latest next level solutions for
your application.

Hukseflux Thermal Sensors. Stand 9020

Hukseflux is a leading manufacturer, both in technology and market share, of pyranometers. We are market leader in heat flux measuring sensors and systems.

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