New Technology Could Expand Infrared Thermography Capabilities

Telops’s FAST-IR infrared cameras

New MShd FAST-IR Camera
New MShd FAST-IR Camera

Online —  Alexandrine Huot, a Telops Field Application Scientist, will guide you through the different FAST-IR camera types and will show you which one of our high-performance cameras will allow you to get the best results.

Critical process control in engineering, science, and industry frequently depends on complex and detailed analysis of heat.

An important tool in heat analysis is infrared thermography, a type of still and video imaging sensitive to infrared (IR) wavelengths that show the heat signature of an object or event.

New advances in IR imaging technology offer capabilities that can mitigate conflicting limitations and improve results for research and testing.

The FAST-IR infrared cameras offer high-speed thermal imaging with an impressive temporal resolution.

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