New thermopiles feature MEMS & CMOS technologies

From left to right: T11264-32 area type (32 x 32), T11263 series linear type,
T11264-08 area type (8 x 8), T11722-01 dual type, T11262 series single type

Hamamatsu, Japan ????? ??? Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. has developed three new types of thermopiles for power-saving and security applications, including gas analysis, temperature measurement, and human body detection.

The three types of thermopiles consist of area sensors (T11264 series), linear sensors (T11263 series), and dual sensors (T11722 series). Each features CMOS circuitry, and was developed with Hamamatsu???s MEMS technology.

Samples will be available to manufacturers of home electronics, industrial equipment, and security devices from October 1, 2011. Product shipments are scheduled to begin from April 2012.

From September 28 to 30, Hamamatsu???s new thermopiles were exhibited at the InterOpto 2011 international optoelectronics show at the Pacifico Yokohama exhibition center (Yokohama, Japan).

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