New Multipurpose Wide Dynamic Range Voltage Mode Readout Circuit: NSC0803

Delivers stable contrast indexed image independent of ambient illumination

NSC0803Evry, France — This new NSC0905 sensor is specially designed for high performance intensified night vision applications. The new NSC0803 is a 320 x 256 pixels resolution multipurpose readout circuit which operates in Voltage sensing mode.

There is no bias or integration into a capacitor. The circuit input impedance is almost infinite allowing to sense very low power signals. When connected to a junction photodiode array, NSC0803 offers a true logarithmic response versus optical illumination without saturation with more than 120 dB true dynamic range.

The logarithmic response is intrinsic to the sensor thanks to the Solar Cell pixel structure, therefore there is no need to program any register or change setup according to illumination conditions.

Moreover, the NSC0803 delivers a stable contrast indexed image that is independent of the ambient illumination. NSC0803 operates in rolling shutter mode.

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New Imaging Technologies (NIT) offers world class CMOS imaging sensors based upon a unique and patented pixel technology which provides intrinsic high dynamic range response of more than 120dB, no noticeable fixed pattern noise and operability without image artifacts to more than 90??C.

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