Replacing Mercury Thermometer…

Consider the STIK Thermometer

1551A Ex and 1552A Ex "Stik" Thermometer

Everett WA, USA –?? Many of the United States states and European Union countries have already banned the use of ASTM mercury-filled thermometers in industrial applications.

Some organizations have replaced their mercury thermometers with more durable,?? portable electronic thermometers, only to discover that some resistance temperature detector (RTD) probes lack the reliability and dependability required of a legitimate reference thermometer.

Fluke says their 1551A/1552A ???Stik Thermometer is the new ???gold standard” of industrial temperature calibration.

Whether working outdoors in environments where potentially explosive gases may be present or on the floor of a processing plant, the intrinsically-safe, battery operated, portable reference thermometer is designed to go where you work.

Features at a glance

  • “Accuracy” of ?? 0.05 ??C (?? 0.09 ??F) over full range
  • Intrinsically safe (ATEX and IECEx compliant)
  • Two models to choose from (-50 ??C to 160 ??C or -80 ??C to 300 ??C)
  • User-configurable temperature Trend/Stability indicator
  • Display temperature in ??C or ??F
  • Optional data logging to internal memory
  • 300-hour battery life
  • Percent battery-life and low-battery indicator
  • NVLAP-accredited, NIST-traceable calibration included

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