RME device makes passive sensors smart

Transform an old sensor or transducer into a smart device with TCP/IP.

Ciudad Aut??noma de Buenos Aires, Argentina –?? Thanks to the Exemys RME device, you can turn passive sensors in sensors capable of sending information anywhere in the world through the Internet. In fact, you can display this information in 5 different ways.

As shown in the diagram above, the Exemys RME device, allows you to access information in 5 different ways, according to the protocol of communication, that best suits your application.

Additionally, it:

  • Provides connectivity to your passive sensors
  • Allows access to information, remotely
  • -It is adaptable. 5 protocols on a single device

Exemys is a technology company specialized in manufacture and design products and solutions for Monitoring and Control of Remote Assets.

* Founded in 1998, in Argentina
* ISO 9001:2008 Certification
* UL 60950 Certification
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* Export to USA, Canada, LATAM, Asia and Europe

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