Selecting a dewpoint instrument for compressed air

An App Note by Vaisala

DMT340 Series Dewpoint and Temperature Transmitter

Woburn MA, USA –?? At some point you may have wondered, where to start when selecting a dewpoint meter for a compressed air application. The selection process can be quite time consuming and even confusing due to the number of choices and options available.

However it???s a good idea to choose carefully since your choice can significantly affect the accuracy and stability of the measurement, the performance of your system, and consequently, the quality of your finished product.

A free Vaisala App Note guides one to the answer via four key questions which they, as experts in moisture measurement in gases, have found to be helpful in narrowing down the choices.

1. What type of platform do you need – fixed or portable?
2. What type of dryer are you using?
3. What are the pressure and temperature at the measurement location?
4. Will the measurement be made directly in the line or using a sample cell

One of the most important measurements to ensure a clean and dry compressed air system is dewpoint.

Since dewpoint measurements can be made almost anywhere on the supply or demand side of a system, the application conditions and instrument requirements can vary significantly.

Furthermore, sensors must withstand exposure to a number of contaminants like water spikes, ambient humidity, entrained compressor oil, and chemical impurities.

Download A PDF copy of?? the application (app) note here:

Vaisala sensors, of course, can handle all of the above. What???s more, they have the fastest wet-to-dry response time on the market and minimal drift allowing for a 2-year calibration interval.

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