Temp Measurement & Calibration:

What Every Instrument Technician Should Know

TCAL_measurement-Thumb-ENG-200x237Online — Temperature is virtually the most widely measured parameter in industry today.

Thermocouples, RTDs, PRTs, liquid-in-glass thermometers… with so many temperature sensors to calibrate, how do you know what equipment is best for the job?

Download Fluke Calibration’s application note, Temperature Measurement and Calibration: What Every Instrument Technician Should Know, that will help you chart your course to understanding temperature sensor types, traceability, accuracy and the equipment required to calibrate them.
Some Questions that can be answered:

  • How do I measure temperature?
  • How much accuracy is needed?
  • How do I choose a probe?

Have you ever been brought a new thermometer to calibrate, and asked yourself, “What am I going to need to calibrate this?”

This guide is intended to help you work out the kind of equipment you need for your particular calibration situation. Of course, there are many considerations—including accuracy, temperature range, automation requirements and budget.

This guide covers the main points, but you may want to speak with an experienced application specialist, like the specialists at Fluke before you make a final decision; as always, they stand ready to help.

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