Therm-App??? Video Tutorials

YouTube Video Tutorials on Therm-App???

View the first short video in the seven member series below and the complete series on the Therm-App??? webpage on its YouTube Channel.

The Therm-App??? Android Application

Therm-App??? mobile applications are what makes the Therm-App??? device such a versatile tool.

Check out some of the features their application offers users?? at their website or download from Google Play.

Therm-App???from OpGal transforms Android smartphones into powerful thermal cameras, featuring long-range night vision and high-resolution thermography.

More online at:

Opgal has provided one of the broadest product lines of innovative thermal imaging and near-infrared illumination camera solutions. Decades of research and development have been invested in state-of-the art and unmatched image-processing capabilities.

Their video series are online at