Thermal Imager for High Temp Measurements

Covers 600??C to 1500??C via 640 x 480 focal plane array (300K pixels)
thermal-imagers-line-camerasFranklin Lakes NJ, USA — Designed for long-term use in harsh industrial environments such as the steel and cement industries, the Thermal View 640N thermal imager provides non-contact measurement of 2D temperature distributions with high dynamic range and spatial resolution.

The High Performance Thermal View 640N is used for process monitoring and control for a variety of high temperature applications.

The newly developed 640N high temperature IR-Imager with a spectral range in the near infrared (NIR)provides for a wide dynamic range by utilizing a specialized detector and signal processing.

A continuous temperature measurement range from 600??C up to 1500??C (2500??C optional) is realized with an array of 640 x 480 or 300,000 temperature points with a measuring frequency of 25 frames per second.

Each resulting image contacts the full dynamic range and is transmitted via a Fast Ethernet interface in real time.

The 640N comes with a robust stainless steel housing and is available with an optional cooling jacket and air purge or furnace tube with wide angle lens for continuous use in furnaces, utility boilers or kilns; any industrial applications where a wall separates the ???hot??? process from the environment.

There are no external control elements like buttons, displays, and etc. only two connectors on the rear side of the camera, thus allowing for easy installation. A 12 pin connector provides the connection for the power supply and digital inputs/outputs.
Powerful online software, Thermalsoft for Windows??, allows the user to control the camera and record, view, manipulate and store the measured data.

Process Sensors Corporation offers a wide range of simple to sophisticated, non-contact infrared temperature sensors and thermal imaging systems to meet the most demanding on-line industrial process applications and OEM performance requirements.

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