Tiny Thermometer for Mobile Devices

Thermodo measures the temperature right where your smartphone is

Thermodo is a sleek little thermometer for your mobile devices, accurate and expertly built hardware that you can have with you everywhere. Thermodo is designed and produced by Robocat. Support for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android.

Now with Thermodo companion app for iOS and Android.

How does Thermodo work?

Thermodo consists of a passive temperature sensor built into a standard 4 pole audio jack enclosed by a sturdy housing. This allows your mobile device to read Thermodo’s temperature straight from the audio input.

Thermodo sends an audio signal through the temperature sensor. This sensor will then attenuate the signal amplitude depending on the actual temperature. This attenuation can now be detected on the microphone input and through software we calculate the corresponding temperature.

Easy peasy!

Robocat calls this the Thermodo Principle???.

Simply plug Thermodo into your device and start the companion app or any other Thermodo enabled apps of your choice.

The temperature reading takes place instantly. Thermodo is powered by your device. No external power is required, it can even run in the background while you do more important stuff.

Official Kickstarer: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/r…

About Thermodo

Thermodo is a product developed by Robocat. It presently is raising funds for production on Kickstarter and while oversubscribed, still has some 25+ days left for fundraising. They offer some premium products and accessories as inducements for donations; many are still available!