Water Leak Detector in a BAPI-Box & more…

Rope Sensor – senses water along its entire length
Water Leak Detector in a BAPI-Box

Gays Mills WI, USA — The Water Leak Detector is designed to sense the presence of water and alert a central monitoring system of the potentially destructive situation – a critical response for water-sensitive areas like computer server cabinets/rooms, food & paper storage areas etc.

Upon water detection, the alarm relay(s) change state, and a local red LED illuminates. The transmitter can be set for latching or non-latching alarm, and normally energized or normally de-energized operation.

  • Water Detection Within 5 Seconds with Local LED Alarm Indication
  • Adjustable Water Level Detection with Bottom or Pan Edge Mounting
  • 5 Amp or 0.5 Amp Relays @30AC/DC
  • One Piece, Rope or Remote Sensor Design
  • 15 to 30 VDC or 24 to 30 VAC Power
  • NEMA 4 Enclosure

BAPI Launches a New Upscale 2013 Catalog

2013 Catalog

Building Automation Products, Inc., is pleased to announce the publishing of a new, upscale product catalog for 2013. The publication features hundreds of solutions for the.

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