Is “clean coal” a scam or a legitimate solution?

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greenhouse gas emissions of CCS
This shows the greenhouse gas emissions of CCS (aka “clean coal”) compared to regular coal, solar, and wind power. It shows several different coal technologies. This figure is a copy of Figure 4 from Viebahn et al. 2007 (I added the colored boxes).

Online. —  “Clean coal” has once again become a hot topic, but most people don’t seem to know what it actually is or if it is even a real solution rather than just a marketing gimmick.

Therefore, I want to talk about what it is, whether it delivers on its promises, and whether it is economically viable.

This is often a politically charged topic, so let me make it clear upfront that I am not going to be discussing politics.

I will not talk about policies, specific politicians, etc.

I am just going to talk about the facts regarding coal power plants and the concept of “clean coal.”

You can use facts to make a political argument, but the facts themselves are not political.

They are just statements of reality.

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