The Madhouse Effect: Climate Change Denial in the Age of Trump

Published on Feb 9, 2017

How climate change denial is threatening our planet, destroying our politics, and driving us crazy.

With the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States, it now seems climate change denial has reached into the most powerful political office in the world.

In this special Sydney Ideas public lecture, world-renowned climate scientist Professor Michael Mann provides a somewhat light-hearted take on a very serious issue—the threat of human-caused climate change and what to do about it.

Based on his recent collaboration with Washington Post editorial cartoonist Tom Toles, Professor Mann will review the scientific evidence of climate change, the reasons we should care, and the often absurd efforts by special interests and partisan political figures to confuse the public and attack the science.

Despite the monumental nature of the challenge this poses to human civilization, and the seeming inability of political leadership to respond to the climate crisis, Professor Mann highlights ways forward in mitigating future harm and reasons for cautious optimism.


This video:

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2 comments on “The Madhouse Effect: Climate Change Denial in the Age of Trump

  1. WoW! First time I knew there were “Apologists for Deniers” who are so vocal!

    Everyone is entitled to believe or not believe the results of peer-reviewed science, but 98% of scientists don’t question the gravity of the results of the Global Warming science.

    Reminds me of the old Chinese proverb about two people arguing, that the first to raise a voice in anger, or to impune the character of the opponent, is admitting the weakness of his argument. The Deniers seem to impune at will, deny facts, cherry-pick and generally play word games to obfuscate the issue. This only leads to delaying a real effort to stop the inevitable.

    Good thing the rest of the world is better educated in science (a proven fact) than the majority of American politicians and real estate developers! They may enable saving the next generations from fates worse than fiction.

  2. It is almost funny that the Global Warming (conveniently and falsely relabeled as “Climate Change”, duh!) believers such as Michael Mann and apparently yourselves, the owners of this website, and too many others, are far more guilty of everything you accuse those of us who reject your unproven, sky-is-falling (oh, I mean, “Help! The-oceans-are-rising, Help, Help!”) theories.

    Their simplistic computer models can never capture the complexities of real-world global weather forecasting, anymore than any global, economic/financial model will come close to predicting the future of the world’s markets. I have no problem with your computer modeling – model away! But stop declaring you’ve proven anything over the span of earth’s history, or it’s future. You’re barely able to understand the present.

    In fact the arrogance and dogmatism of Mann & friends is clearly demonstrated by the extreme politicization by Global-Warmists of objective climate science, to the point they cannot see the forest or the trees.

    Your maintaining Global-Warming/Climate-Change as “proven science” is nothing but presumption.
    You’ve forgotten the meaning and etymology of the word “Science”, if you ever even knew it: It comes from the word for Knowledge – what you KNOW; Not what you guess, conjecture, or even what you believe …. your silly little “March of the Scientists” doesn’t prove anything – it only serves as an opportunity to clap each other on the back, get more friendly news/media coverage, and attract the gullible loons who are always happy to parade down the street with anyone!

    It’s quite fitting for Mr. Mann to now be collaborating on a comic book in order to smear those who dare to offend his insecure & sensitive ego. If you can’t persuade your opponents scientifically, and you can’t win an honest debate, than by all means, insult them!

    Heavens no, don’t call the opposition scientists – call them deniers, and rail about the so-called lies they are spreading with the funding of the fossil fuel industry which the world is completely dependent on, including your own hypocritical selves. By now we all should know of “Internet-Inventor” Albert Gore and his incredibly humongous carbon footprint…. How many of you are fueled at a 75 or 80% or more level (let alone even 25 or 30%) for the energy you consume on a daily basis from solar, wind, oceanic wave power, or your own human pedal-power? I would bet 0.0% of you. Hypocrites indeed!

    Spend a week with me sometime when all my travel is done by bicycle. To me, it’s not because of the Warmists’ fears – it’s primarily because of personal health benefits, saving gas money, reduction of pollutants, and the enjoyment of the ride, the wonderful sights and smells in the world – a world we should all contribute in taking care of.

    I believe that Warmists, as a special-interest group, contribute very little if anything of value to the world as they suck the teats of public funding – government grants and political pockets who also contribute little to society and are always glad to spend other people’s money (that’s their job, right? Spend, spend, spend). Make friends with political cronies in order to fund your useless Chicken Little studies.

    So instead it is really sad rather than funny. And history will be the final judge, although even there, disinformation nazis often arise to reinterpret truthful histories in order to create new myths.

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