“Man is Stupid”

Pope Francis Slams Climate Deniers

Pope's Comments
Pope’s Comments (Click to view video on YouTube)

Online  –  On Sunday, while flying over areas in the Caribbean decimated by Hurricane Irma, Pope Francis said climate change denials amid catastrophic hurricanes are a reminder that humans are not a particularly smart species.

According to the The New York Times and The Associated Press, referencing a passage in the Old Testament, he said, “Man is stupid. When you don’t want to see, you don’t see.”

The pope has sparred with President Donald Trump on several issues, including climate change. He has also urged the climate skeptics of the world to consult with a scientist.

According to Crux, Francis said the scientific community has been “clear and precise” in linking human activities to the ongoing crisis and that “each [person] has a moral responsibility, bigger or smaller.”

He added, Climate change is a “serious matter over which we cannot make jokes.”

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