AdSem’s New Milestone in Cryogenic Thermometry

Calibrate Ge thermistor down to 900 μK (0.9 mK)

Palo Alto CA, USA — AdSem, Inc., a semiconductor thermistor manufacturer with unique high and cryogenic temperature Si and Ge NTC thermistor products announced the development of ultra-low temperature Ge thermistors with operating temperature reaching microKelvin range.

The calibration of AdSem???s Ge thermistor down to 900 μK (0.9 mK) was accomplished by Professor Douglas Osheroff???s group at Stanford University.

The development of Ge thermistors as a secondary thermometer in the microKelvin range is a crucial step for a significant increase in sensitivity of the fundamental rare nuclear events experiments, such as neutrinoless double beta decay and dark matter search.

The thermistors are available for sale from AdSem.

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