Air Temps & Velocity in Computing & Automotive Uses

Advanced Thermal Solutions’ flexible, robust candlestick sensor for simultaneously measuring air temperature & velocity


Norwood MA, USA –(>– The MS 1000-CS-WC?? sensor from Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) simultaneously measures temperature and air velocity for fast, accurate characterization of thermal conditions in electronic systems.

This robust sensor can be applied to the complete family of ATS temperature and air velocity measurement instruments.

The MS 1000-CS-WC candlestick-shaped sensor is narrow and low profile to minimize disturbance of heat flow in the test domain. Its flexible, plastic-sleeved stem eases installation and repositioning during the testing process. It has a plastic base to eliminate any potential shorting issues.

Multiple sensors are easily installed to thoroughly map a system???s thermal and airflow conditions. The use of a single sensor to measure both temperature and velocity eliminates errors that can occur when airflow is non-isothermal.

MS 1000-CS-WC candlestick sensors are calibrated for both low (natural convection) and high velocity flows. They are capable of temperature measurements ranging from -30 to +150 ??C ??1 ??C.

Velocity measurements range from 0 to 50 m/s (10,000 ft/min) ??2%.

The sensor???s stem is just 0.5 mm in diameter; its base diameter is 9.5 mm.

Three different heights are available: 9, 12, and 20 mm.

Custom wire lengths for the sensor to communicate with a temperature and air velocity measurement instrument are a consideration based on application.

ATS???s Candlestick Sensor is paired with the family of ATS???s temperature and air velocity measurement instruments. This family includes: eATVS-4??? and eATVS-8??? Portable Automatic Temperature & Velocity Scanners in either 4-channel or 8-channels of hot wire anemometry; ATVS-2020, a modular system allowing 8 to 32-channels of hot wire anemometry; iQ-200, an all in one system the measures temperature, pressure, and air velocity. Each system features stageVIEW???, a fully automated application for data collection, reporting and control of ATS???s instruments.

There are many applications possible for measuring temperature and air velocity with the sensor.

Typical temperature applications include characterizing air flow and air temperature in telecommunications or computing chassis.

Other uses include characterizing temperature distribution in food ovens and appliances.

Characterizing air flows on automotives and trucks is also being done using the candlestick sensor.

Prices for MS 1000-CS-WC candlestick sensors start at $180.00.

More information is available on the Advanced Thermal Solutions website, or by calling 1-781-769-2800.

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