Norwood MA, USA — Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has introduced two fully calibrated, 16-bit-resolution, high-linearity digital temperature sensors that achieve the industry???s highest level of precision over a wide operating temperature range. The high-precision, low-drift ADT7420 and ADT7320 digital temperature sensors achieve industry best ??0.25 ??C accuracy over a ???20 ??C to +105 ??C temperature range.

In addition the new sensors offer industry leading ??0.5 ??C accuracy over the ???40 ??C to +125 ??C temperature range.

The higher accuracy eliminates the need to average results, ensuring faster data measurement, higher-precision control loops, and improved energy efficiency and reliability in industrial, instrumentation, and medical applications.

The new digital temperature sensors also provide highly accurate system reference temperature measurement to reduce errors in software-based, thermocouple cold-junction compensation applications and infrared imaging systems. For more on specific features, watch the video.

Unlike alternative solutions the ADT7420 and ADT7320 temperature sensors are plug-in ready and require no additional signal conditioning or calibration.

The offerings are available with I??C (ADT7420) or SPI (ADT7320) digital interfaces, which allow system designers to easily integrate the devices into data acquisition, optical communications, environmental control systems, medical equipment, or food and pharmaceutical temperature monitors.

ADI???s new digital temperature sensors are guaranteed to operate over supply voltages from 2.7 V to 5.5 V with an operating temperature range of ???40 ??C to +150?? ??C.

Operating at 3.3 V, the supply current is 210 ?A (typical). The sensors include a low-power one-sample-per-second mode that draws only 46 ?A (typical) at 3.3 V and also offer a shutdown mode that reduces supply current to just 2 ?A.

Additional programmable options include over/under-temperature and critical-temperature indicators

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