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Free Android App for Temperature@lert Cellular Edition

Temperature Monitoring, Server Room Temperature Monitoring Systems, WiFi Temperature Monitoring Systems, Data Logger for Temperature, Temperature Sensor USB, USB Temperature Probe, Room Temperature Monitoring — Android phone users can now see the status of their environmental monitoring devices, view logs and graphs, and change settings from anywhere their smartphone is connected.?? ??–

BOSTON MA, USA –?? Temperature@lert has announced the release of its free Android smart phone app for their Sensor Cloud secure server data logging and reporting service.

Temperature@lert???s Sensor Cloud???s proven history with the company???s Cellular Edition environmental monitoring devices was recently expanded to include USB Edition and WiFi Edition users.?? The low-cost subscription service provides users with a reliable, secure, 24/7 browser based interface that logs their data and current conditions.

From any web connected device, customers can set or change alert thresholds, add or change message recipients, and download data logs.?? Temperature@lert???s Sensor Cloud Android App lets them access their accounts with one touch of a button.

???We???ve had an app for the iPhone for quite a long time now, and customers have commented on how much they appreciate the simplicity, convenience and ease of use. Recently Android customers were asking, ???Where???s our app?,??? noted Harry Schechter, CEO of Temperature@lert.

“Some of the loudest voices were among my own staff!?? This latest tool brings Android smartphone users into the Sensor Cloud fold and provides them with the same, time proven, robust app their iPhone brethren have enjoyed and relied upon.???

The free Temperature@lert app is available from the Android Marketplace and does not include advertising or other marketing features.

The app can be found at the following link:

Link to Android Market Temperature@lert App

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About Temperature@lert

Temperature@lert???s temperature monitoring solutions provide both real-time and historic views of a location???s temperature through alerts and cloud-based records of temperatures at specific intervals. This information allows customers to immediately react to potentially disastrous temperature fluctuations, as well as provide temperature consistency for regulatory and internal process control requirements. Temperature@lert has more than 10,000 devices installed in over 40 countries around the globe.

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