BAPI-Stat 3: Room Temp Sensor

With Optional Humidity (%RH) Transmitter

BAPI Stat 3

Gays Mills WI, USA — The BAPI-Stat 3 is an updated look to the original BAPI-Stat sensor and is designed for operating rooms, clean rooms and elder care facilities.

It features a large display and membrane pushbuttons for wipedown cleaning. It is available as a temperature sensor alone or as a combination temp/humidity sensor.

Depending upon the options selected, the BAPI-Stat 3 can display room temperature, room humidity, temperature setpoint, humidity setpoint and override status.

The unit includes a number of field adjustments, including ??F or ??C display, temperature offset (??5 ??F or ??C in increments of 0.1??), RH offset (??5% in increments of 0.1%), or setpoint lockout (which disables the setpoint pushbuttons).

The display can also be set to show a large temperature and small RH, a large RH and a small temperature, or to alternate between these two settings every five seconds. The unit is available with the full line of BAPI temperature sensors.

It is available with an off white or gray keypad.

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