Bus Bar Monitoring of Seoul Finance Center

Ensures power supply of modern office buildings
LIOS bus bar monitoring EN.SURE
Seoul, Korea — Seoul Finance Center (SFC) is located in the central business district of Seoul. In the heart of Seoul adjacent to historical Korean palaces, SFC is one of the most prestigious prime office buildings, occupied by leading financial and international companies.

As a 30-floor office building fully occupied with companies and multi-storey shopping mall in its basement, SFC has high and dynamic energy demands. The electricity is transmitted through bus bars, installed from underground control center up to the top, to supply the power for lightening, air-conditioning and other facilities.

Due to heavy load conditions of the bus bar, the temperature of the bus bar also changes dynamically ??? during day time when air conditioning is on, the temperature keeps stable but as long as air conditioning is shut off, the temperature may rise even to dangerous levels which might lead to malfunction or even fire.

Knowing these conditions, SFC decides to use LIOS latest EN.SURE system, a distributed temperature sensing system deploying fibre optic cable, to monitor 24/7 online temperature of the whole bus bar.

The system is totally immune to Electromagnetic Interference and thus can be easily installed along the entire bus bar. With the help of LIOS visualization software Charon, the operator can easily and clearly see the whole temperature profile as well as the independent zone information on the monitoring screen.

Once the system detects some hotspots, it will give alarm on the screen and provide hotspot information like pinpoint of the location and exact temperature.

The key advantages of using LIOS EN.SURE rather than traditional temperature sensing systems are:

  • Long measurement range ??? up to 20 km using multimode fibre and 40 km using singlemode fibre per channel
  • Purely passive sensor unaffected by rough conditions and electromagnetic disturbances
  • Rate-of-rise and fixed temperature alarm criteria ??? high sensitivity without false alarms
  • Alarm parameter can be optimized according to the real site conditions
  • Independently adjustable alarm parameter sets per zone
  • Real distributed temperature profile along the sensor cable ??? with visualization software Enhanced data visualization for the easy overview
  • Maintenance-free

With LIOS EN.SURE temperature monitoring solution, they provide the safe and effective power supply of a modern office building.

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