Coil-wound Heat Exchanger (CWHE) Equipped with Latest Real Time Condition Monitoring System

Baseload LNG Production in Stavanger

Gaining insight into temperature distribution inside the CWHE


Cologne (K??ln), Germany — The world???s first coil-wound heat exchanger (CWHE) made completely of stainless steel for the liquefaction of natural gas was delivered to the customer in Stavanger, Norway by Linde on time. This heat exchanger employs new temperature measuring technology using fibre optics (glass fibres).

LIOS Technology is cooperating with Linde, the leading engineering and industrial gases company, to install fibre optic distributed temperature sensing (DTS) system on the Coil-wound heat exchanger (CWHE), which is considered as the heart of the LNG plant. Its purpose is to liquefy the dried and cleaned natural gas (NG).

The idea was implemented by installing glass fibres with an overall length of approximately 2,400 metres in the Stavanger heat exchanger.

“The most difficult thing was to avoid bending the glass fibres (d=0.2 mm) during the manufacturing of the heat exchanger and to avoid damaging them during the welding work which was carried out in the following months. The outstanding cooperation of everyone involved, in particular the care and quality awareness demonstrated by the Linde manufacturing employees during production, was the key to success of this project”, said Gerhard D??gling, the Project Leader responsible for installing the optical fibres.

Briefly, the measurement principle is based on the Raman-effect as a result of laser-light transmitted through the fibre and scattering of spectral components in backward direction. This components travel to the starting point of the fibre where they are filtered and detected.

The intensities of these spectral components are related to the temperature at the origin of this scattering process. Because the velocity of light propagation in the optical fibre is well known, the location can be determined from the time-of-flight of the returning backscattered light.

The LIOS DTS system enables more than 4000 single measurement points from the bundles of the Stavanger CWHE, which is a huge number compared to the few single point measurements used previously. During start-up of the LNG plant, the system has already proven its usefulness and successfully demonstrated its capabilities even at the low temperatures of natural gas liquefaction.

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