Continuous Roll Microplate Heat Sealer

Features precise temperature control from 50??C to 185??C


Leatherhead, UK –?? The TriSeal Pro from Porvair Sciences Ltd. is a new budget-priced continuous roll microplate heat sealer optimised for medium to high throughput plate sealing applications. It is designed to produce an accurate and tight seal on any SBS proposed standard microplate from a thin PCR plate to Deep Well plates.

TriSeal Pro includes a 610 metre sealing film roll enabling up to 5,000 plates to be sealed without intervention. Benefiting from a unique turntable design, which allows simultaneous loading, unloading and sealing TriSeal Pro is able to achieve plate sealing productivity of 3 plates per minute.

The TriSeal Pro provides precisely adjustable temperature control from 50??C up to 185??C enabling it to operate optimally with most foil and film seals. Pneumatically operated, the robust and reliable TriSeal Pro requires only compressed air and mains voltage for routine high-throughput operation.

TriSeal pro has been designed for stand-alone operation – but may be integrated via its RS232 port with most robotic plate stackers and automated equipment lines. In stand-alone mode a portable keypad/display unit that allows user definable settings to be saved and recalled for later use provides intuitive and simple control of the system.

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