Cryogenic and Super Wide Temperature RangeThermistors

For measurements down to 10 mK

Some Adsem Low temp Ge thermistor properties Palo Alto CA, USA — AdSem, Inc, a small innovative company, is turning into one stop thermistor shop adding to their unique high temperature NTC thermistor products a family of novel cryogenic semiconductor thermistors for low and ultra-low temperatures.

AdSem???s cryogenic products are based on employment of new technologies for regulation of low temperature conductivity in Ge and Si by dislocation doping and modified neutron doping. Their cryogenic and high temperature semiconductor thermistors are also employed for high sensitive RF, nuclear and IR- bolometers.

AdSem, Inc. offers cost effective Si & Ge thermistors for any cryogenic temperature down to 10 mK with high sensitivity, specified low-temperature resistance value and significantly improved interchangeability.

AdSem also offers unique high sensitive Si & Ge thermistors for wide temperature ranges (400K-77K, 400K – 20K, 400K – 4.2K, 400K -1K) and super wide temperature ranges (300K – 20mK and 750K ??? 0.5K).

The extension of thermistor product line makes AdSem, Inc. the only company in the world with NTC thermistors for any temperatures between 10mK and 500 ??C.