DHL Develops Pharma Cold Chain Service Using CAEN RFID Tags

ThermoNet Protects Pharma Products in Real Time

caen rfidOnline  —  Since 2008 CAEN RFID has provided the temperature monitoring solution for international freight forwarder DHL.

DHL’s pharmaceutical customers asked the company to provide a service to further protect temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines and drugs.

The industry-standard practices were not able to alert customers in advance, so DHL needed a cold chain hardware solution.

CAEN RFID’s CMO Stefano Coluccini explains: “CAEN RFID first met with DHL in 2008. DHL had experience with cold-chain products over many years and just requested that we manufacture a custom solution. So we modified our existing RT0005 tag into the DHL data logger and now we’re working with DHL’s corporate HQ to roll it out. DHL is using this custom tag in their new ThermoNet shipping network, with RFID checkpoints installed in their shipping hubs.”

ThermoNet is a unique new service in the market—this cold chain validation and temperature tracking service utilizes RFID technology to alert customers if their life science and healthcare product temperatures go outside safe limits.

This global air service is available for a fee to DHL’s Pharma B2B customers with temperature-sensitive products they need to track.

This service saves resources and time, allowing companies to focus on their core business.

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