DTS Condition Monitoring for Heavy Industry Facility in Northern China

Real-time thermal monitoring of high voltage cable circuits


Cologne, Germany — Recently, during the frosty winter period in North China, the commissioning of a large scale power cable monitoring project was completed for China???s energy demanding heavy industry.

LIOS Technology???s latest EN.SURE technology is used for this industry project with especially 220 kV high voltage power cable systems, 2 transformer stations and comprehensive installation layouts with both tunnel and outdoor cable tray sections.

A total of more than 70 km of fibre optic sensing cable was installed for real-time thermal monitoring of the entire high voltage cable circuits.

Dynamic cable loads together with extreme weather conditions ??? both, very hot summers and very cold winters ??? motivates the owner to operate seamless condition monitoring by distributed temperature sensing (DTS).

EN.SURE is a continuous and cost-effective monitoring solution of the electric power transmission and distribution grid and is the key factor for a successful Smart Grid implementation.

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