Easily Upgradable Parallel Synthesis Products

Amazing NEW DrySyn product

The new DrySyn SNOWSTORM

Isleham, UK — Asynt has designed its range of products for parallel synthesis to share standard parts (inserts) for reaction tube, vial and round-bottom flask based reactions. Consequently investment in an entry level DrySyn Parallel Synthesis kit provides you with an easy upgrade path to the advanced capabilities of a DrySyn Snowstorm system.

The DrySyn Parallel Synthesis Kit provides a convenient, low cost solution for chemists wishing to conduct simple synthetic reactions with temperature control and magnetic stirring, but without the complications of reflux or inerting.

The kit accommodates a range of standard reaction tubes and vials, of different diameters.

It can also be upgraded to a parallel reaction station using standard round-bottom flasks, by using the appropriate DrySyn MULTI inserts. In this configuration, facilities can be added such as directly driven stirring with the Asynt Vortex stirrer system.

Available in a choice of configurations, an Asynt DrySyn?? SnowStorm system provides controlled cooling and heating for sub-ambient parallel chemistry without the need for jacketed reaction vessels or ice baths.

Operating with a suitable chiller / circulator, a DrySyn?? SnowStorm system provides accurate, stable temperature control down to -50 ??C and up to +150 ??C, making it the perfect tool for crystallisation studies and screening polymorphs.

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