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Pocket Probe Digital Pyrometer
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Pocket-Probe Analog Pyrometer
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Pocket-Probe Sealed Pyrometer







Danville VA, USA — EDL’s?? Pocket-Probe Digital Pyrometers are engineered to be rugged, reliable, and consistently accurate with repeatable measurements. These robust instruments feature full range measurements and offer 0.1 ?? resolution up to 199.9 ??F or ??C.

The Pocket-Probe line is hand-crafted and manufactured in the USA, built tough, for use in the harshest environments. Backed with an unconditional 5-Year Warranty!

Perfect for use on the production floor as well as in the lab.

Since 1975, both industry and laboratories have relied on EDL???s Pocket-Probes for accurate measurements and they are still the number one pyrometer for many industries! These pyrometers are constructed from the finest materials and have a proven track record.

Click here for more information on the Pocket-Probe Digital Pyrometer.

Pocket-Probe Sealed Pyrometers are for use in applications where grease, dust, and oil are a potential problem for accurate measurements. They will save you money by reducing down time and the cost of repairs.

This instrument is equipped with Peak Hold Memory and Magnetic Mounting for easy hands-free use! Click here for more information

Pocket-Probe Analog Pyrometers adjust to changes in ambient temperatures and do not require batteries; eliminating potential sparks. They are ideal for explosive/hazardous environments where fumes and gases may pose potential safety issues.

The large, easy to read scale is perfect for visually tracking readings as they increase or decrease! Accuracy is not affected by RF noise or electrical interference.?? Click here for more information

*Please note all Pocket-Probe Analog Pyrometers are thermocouple type E and a 1-Year Warranty.

Available Option Package Includes: (Pocket-Probe Digital Only)

Peak Hold Memory & Reset:
– Highest reading taken is stored in memory
– Reset clears the memory and allows additional measurements
Magnetic Mounting:
– Adheres to any iron or steel surface
Lexan Window:
– Will not shatter, perfect for food industry

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