EDL’s Pocket-Probe V

A true one-hand Pyrometer!
Pocket-probe V
Danville VA, USA — The Pocket-Probe V Industrial Pyrometer offers true one-hand operation with accurate, dependable temperature readings. The highly reliable and rugged hand-held pyrometer uses direct plug-in sensors.

Utilizing interchangeable sensor tips eliminates the need for lead wires. In the event a sensor breaks, or an application requires a different sensor style, just change your sensor tip.

Eliminating the need to purchase new sensors with leads provides you with access to over 30 different styles of sensors; giving you complete flexibility at a minimal cost.

This instrument is housed in a heavy stainless steel enclosure (with reinforced welded corners) and accurately delivers results under the most extreme conditions.

EDL’s Pocket-Probe V offers protection from the roughest of abuses in the plant, laboratory, and in the field; day after day???year after year. Backed by an unconditional 5-year warranty, you will immediately begin saving time and money.

Interchangeable Sensor System


EDL???s Interchangeable Sensor System is a low cost alternative to standard sensors with leads. They work great with the Pocket-Probe V to deliver accurate readings even under the harshest of abuses.

Based on customer feedback, EDL devised a system perfect for rough industrial applications that allows for interchangeable thermocouple tips to be replaced instead of whole sensors with leads.

When a sensor breaks, only the tip needs to be replaced???saving you time and money.

When ordering the Interchangeable Sensor Tips, look for ???E??? under the sensor termination. These tips plug directly into any digital instrument and allow various sizes and types of sensors (of the same thermocouple type) to be used.

Key Features:

??? One Hand, One Button Operation!
??? Peak Hold Memory
??? Available in Either: ??F or ??C
??? Available in Thermocouple Types: J, K, E, T or N
??? Tempered Glass Display Window
??? Extra Protection for Internal Circuitry
??? Stainless Steel Cover & Holder
??? Traceable to NIST Standards (optional)
??? Over 30 Sensor Tip Styles Available (sensors sold separately)
??? Comfortable, Foam Grip Handle
??? 5-Year Warranty
??? Made in the USA


Let EDL provide you with top quality (made in the USA) products for all of your temperature measurement & calibration related needs. You can buy the Pocket probe at http://edl-inc.com/Store/product-info.php?Hand_Held_Instruments-pid307.html#.UTxt1xkxs7A

About EDL

Electronic Development Labs, Inc. (EDL) provides quality products and service – the most reliable precision temperature measuring sensors, equipment, accessories, and calibrators; customized to customer specifications as needed. EDL offers an extensive line of calibrators, thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors, wire, high temperature bore thru compression fittings, bimets, lab thermometers, recorders, infrared, high temperature insulation, over 10,000 temperature sensors, and a full range of precision handheld pyrometers. EDL also offers a complete calibration service for sensors, instruments and thermometers.

Everything EDL sells is designed, produced, and manufactured in house. Their standard product line consists of over 100 instrument models and over 10,000+ different sensor styles. EDL has a certified Metrology Laboratory, which provides a firm scientific foundation and is traceable to the International Temperature Scale (ITS-90) disseminated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Their lab is capable of calibrating temperature measurement devices from -196??C to 1500??C. Calibration instrumentation provides an easy way to decrease defects related to temperature measurement errors during the manufacture of most products.

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