First Standalone Temp & Humidity Monitor for Data Centers


AUDIT-BUDDY Module (Photo: Business Wire)

North Grafton MA, USA — Purkay Laboratories, Inc. has announced today the commercial availability of AUDIT-BUDDY???, the first standalone temperature and humidity monitor for data centers.

AUDIT-BUDDY??? is a compact, portable and cost-effective standalone temperature and humidity monitor that displays the environmental conditions of a particular data center region in a simple, easy-to-read format.

AUDIT-BUDDY???‘s three TH1 (temperature and humidity) modules plus an adjustable Carbon fiber stand ensure that air quality can be monitored at three different heights simultaneously.

AUDIT-BUDDY??? can be deployed in a data center in minutes and requires no data center downtime or special access to IT equipment.

AUDIT-BUDDY??? provides time-stamped data that can be used to identify potentially problematic thermal trends. AUDIT-BUDDY??? has two operation modes: QuickScan and LongScan.

QuickScan takes 60 second scans throughout an aisle to establish the current thermal environment and determine if there are any problem areas.

LongScan takes in-depth measurements in a single location over a longer period of time to identify environmental trends.

AUDIT-BUDDY??? can validate whether Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software, which are often expensive, require downtime and interfere with IT equipment, are necessary.

AUDIT-BUDDY???‘s Patent Pending technology, including a custom designed base limiting impact on vertical airflow, and a unique fan design drawing air into its modules, provides superior measurement when compared to wireless sensors and thermal imaging.

Due to its low-cost, AUDIT-BUDDY??? is the perfect solution for server and telecom closets, as well as data center operators that plan to migrate to a colocation facility and do not want to invest in expensive data center monitoring equipment.

AUDIT-BUDDY??? is also the perfect tool for colocation providers who are required to confirm that their data center environment is optimal, as well as colocation tenants who want to ensure that their colocation provider is fulfilling the terms of the Service Level (SLA).

Additionally, those responsible for data center commissioning and engineering can also use AUDIT-BUDDY??? to gather critical environmental data.

“Proper data center airflow management is essential for a data center,” said Indra Purkayastha, CEO and Founder of Purkay Labs.

“Purkay Labs designed and developed AUDIT-BUDDY as an inexpensive tool to solve problems experienced by managers of data centers of every size: increasing heat loads and server density. AUDIT-BUDDY enables data-center and IT managers to get a handle on data-center temperature and humidity levels at a price that will satisfy senior management.”

<strong>AUDIT-BUDDY???</strong> has completed successful beta tests at a large telecommunications company, a Boston-based financial services company and at a large Cloud provider.

For a limited time, Purkay Labs is offering a complimentary one-month trial offer for qualified end-users.

To qualify for the trial offer, please visit

A white paper and video providing detailed information about how <strong>AUDIT-BUDDY???</strong> can help optimize data-center airflow can be found at

About Purkay Labs

Headquartered in North Grafton, Massachusetts, Purkay Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 2012 by Indra Purkayastha, a former iRobot and General Electric executive with decades of engineering and industrial facilities experience. Purkay Labs’ flagship offering, <strong>AUDIT-BUDDY???</strong>, is a powerful, portable and cost-effective standalone temperature and humidity monitor that measures the free air outside a data center’s server racks. <strong>AUDIT-BUDDY???</strong> displays a specific area’s environmental conditions in a simple, easy-to-read format, enabling the data center or IT manager to take preventative measures.

In addition to its North Grafton, Massachusetts location, Purkay Labs has a satellite office in New York City.

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