Hart Scientific’s New Deep-Well Compact Baths

Provide high performance & extra capacity at affordable prices

Deep-Well Compact Calibration Bath
Deep-Well Compact Calibration Bath

Online  —  Hart Scientific announces a new line of constant-temperature fluid baths for calibration of a wide variety of thermometers and temperature sensors.

The new Deep-Well Compact Baths provide 18″ (457 mm) of depth to accommodate liquid-in-glass (LIG) thermometers, Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers (SPRTs) , and other long-stem thermometers.

They do so with a small footprint  of 14″ x 31″(356 mm x 787 mm) and a small volume of bath fluid (4.2 gallons), yet they can easily be used to calibrate thermometers in batches of ten or more.

Four baths in this series cover temperatures from -80 °C to 300 °C.

Temporal stabilities over that range are from ± 0.005 °C to ± 0.015 °C per unit of time and spatial uniformities are as small as  ± 0.007 °C.

Each bath comes with an RS-232 port and Windows-based control software and is compatible with Hart’s MET/TEMP II software for completely automated calibrations.

An LIG Cal Kit is also available, which raises the fluid level for LIG thermometer calibrations without compromising bath performance.

Each bath comes with a drain for easy fluid removal and an overflow reservoir to capture excess fluid that results when fluids expand with increasing temperature.

A key feature of these baths is their price, which is far below that of traditional temperature metrology baths, while providing legitimate metrology-level performance.

Prices of the four baths range from $5,455 USD to $10,810 USD with deliveries at 30 days A.R.O.

More online at http://us.flukecal.com/products/temperature-calibration/calibration-baths/compact-calibration-baths/6331732173417381-deep-w

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Hart Scientific, a Fluke company, designs, manufactures, and markets temperature measurement and calibration equipment. The Hart Scientific product line includes primary standards, thermometer readouts and probes, temperature baths, industrial calibrators and software. Primary and secondary laboratories, as well as a growing number of manufacturing companies who rely on precise temperature controls for manufacturing processes, use the equipment. These industries include pharmaceuticals, petrochemical, semi-conductor, aerospace, food products and others.

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