Human Thermal Testing

Manikinalysis Event |28 October 2015 9-3 | Novi, Mi, USA | $600

manikinanalysisNovi, MI, USA  —  On October 28th, Thermetrics and ThermoAnalytics are hosting a hands-on event that will demonstrate the capabilities of Thermetrics HVAC Manikin coupled with ThermoAnalytics TAITherm software with the Human Thermal Module.

Ii  is being held in conjunction with ThermoAnalytics’ User Group Meeting. The event with Thermetrics called Manikinalysis, where we will be discussing human thermal simulation.

The potential of human thermal testing with simulation-coupled manikins is immense.

This event will demonstrate the capabilities of Thermetrics’ HVAC Manikin coupled with ThermoAnalytics’ TAITherm software with Human Thermal Module.

This event will cover a variety of experiments, including:

  • Analyzing human scenarios with Manikin data
  • Testing garment properties
  • Collecting vehicle data from instrumented Chevy Volt and Manikin
  • Comparing the simulation results to a human subject

By the end of the event, you will have gained a practical understanding of human thermal testing and knowledge of the industry’s leading tools.

Automotive HVAC Manikin System

HVAC Manikin
HVAC Manikin

The non-thermal Automotive HVAC Manikin System features their popular “Newton” body form fitted with high-accuracy surface-mounted sensors to measure the heating and air conditioning flows within car/truck passenger cabins.

A matrix of surface-mounted sensors measure air velocity, air temperature, radiant heat flux, and relative humidity. Wireless communication capability is included, and each manikin separates into upper and lower halves at the waist for easy insertion into a variety of vehicles.

All sensors are protected to ensure that no damage occurs during manikin loading and positioning. .. Read more

Thermetrics manufactures a wide range of precision instruments for measuring and evaluating the thermal comfort of textiles, garments, protective apparel, and dynamic thermal environments such as automobile, truck, and aircraft interiors. Our biophysical instrumentation systems – including Thermal, Sweating, and Flame Test Manikins (Mannequins), Dry and Sweating Guarded Hotplates, and Flame/Radiant Test Devices – support all current industry test standards for thermal insulation, moisture permeability, and burn injury prediction.

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