New Web Thermometer

A web-enabled temperature (humidity) sensor with Power over Ethernet capability (PoE IEEE 802.3af)

Prague, Czech Republic — HWg-STE PoE is a web-enabled temperature (humidity) sensor with Power over Ethernet capability (PoE IEEE 802.3af) that simplifies installation.

Czech version

Measured temperature and humidity values are available over SNMP or through central Windows software (available free of charge).

New web thermometer, the HWg-STE PoE, features a built-in web server and SNMP support.

The web thermometer can be powered over the Ethernet (PoE), or using the supplied power adapter.

The device comes with the HWg-PDMS software for displaying graphs and exporting data to MS Excel.

HWg-STE supports Nagios, a well-known free SNMP software.

The device sends e-mail alerts to excessive temperature or humidity.

Free licence of the HWg-PDMS application for displaying graphs is included. Reports can be printed from MS Excel.

Download details in pdf format: HWg-STE PoE: SNMP thermometer

About HW group

HW group s.r.o. is based in the Czech Republic. Since 2000, HW group develops and distributes network technology products, including networked sensors. The product portfolio is targeted to networked measuring and control. Approximately 10% of the production is sold in the Czech Republic, 60% is destined to the EU markets, and 30% is exported outside of the European Union.

Also supply:

Poseidon 4002: Rack mount environment monitoring,;

HWg STE: Ethernet thermometer (hygrometer) with SNMP and WEB interfaces;

HWg-Tg11: GSM Thermometer with E-mail and Logging;

Poseidon 3265 GSM2 Tset????? for monitoring up to five temperature and humidity values, with output sent by e-mail, by SMS to a GSM phone;

plus related network devices and software.

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