Measuring Temps Accurately is Hard!

That’s why Data Translation invented TEMPpoint??? !

Marlboro MA, USA — TEMPpoint??? is a series of temperature measurement instruments designed for high accuracy and industrial robustness. TEMPpoint utilitzes ISO-Channel??? front end architecture to eliminate common mode noise and ground loops through 1000V channel to channel galvanic isolation.

These instruments allow direct thermocouple, RTD, and precision voltage or resistance measurements with a PC. Temperature and voltage values can be viewed, graphed, or exported to Excel, and allow limit checking for control or monitoring of a manufacturing process.

USB and Ethernet (LXI) versions are available with 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, or 48 channels.

Take a look so you can be assured how TEMPpoint solves some tough issues.

Problem: TEMPpoint Solution

CJC proximity affects accuracy: Placement of CJC at connector & CJC A/D per thermocouple;

Channel to Channel noise: Galvanically isolates each channel up to ??500V;

Aliased (false) measurement: 24-Bit sigma-delta A/D per channel;

Interaction of channels: ISO-Channel??? isolates each measurement;

Lengthy set-up time: Comes with out-of-the-box measurement app;

Overall accuracy: Guarantees ??0.07% for RTD; ??0.01% thermocouple.

Device Examples:

TEMPpoint Ethernet (LXI) Instruments for Thermocouples

DT8871U: Highly Accurate Thermocouple Temperature Measurement Instruments – Summary:

  • 8 to 48 simultaneous differential inputs per instrument
  • Connect any thermocouple or voltage directly at the front panel
  • Galvanic Isolation Channel-to-Channel ??500V
  • TEMPpoint datalogger application, programming examples, and web-based application included.

TEMPpoint USB Instruments for RTDs

DT9872: Highly Accurate RTD Temperature Measurement Instruments

  • 8 to 48 DI simultaneous differential inputs per instrument
  • Connect 4-wire, 3-wire, or 2-wire PT100, PT500, and PT1000 RTDs on the front panel directly
  • Galvanic Isolation Channel-to-Channel ??500V
  • Measurement Instrument Application and programming examples included

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