Microprocessor TC Instrument

Unique Device Accepts 8 ASTM Thermocouples Including Type C


Danville VA, USA — EDL???s brand new microprocessor based LT-100 instrument is hand held and designed for high precision temperature measurement applications. This instrument incorporates many features previously found only in much higher priced bench or rack mounted instruments.

This Two channel, High accuracy instrument has an internal cold junction reference with an accuracy of better than 0.1 ??C, or an external cold junction reference. This allows you to use the instrument in the field or the lab.

Features include a computer interface running at 19 200 baud for downloading time stamped data, displays temperature in K, ??C, ??F, & mv with resolutions of 1, 0.1, and 0.01 degrees (or millivolts), Min/Max, and differential readings.

EDL have incorporated a precision cold end reference junction that is designed to accurately compensate for changes in ambient and keep the instrument functioning at its highest accuracy. When the utmost accuracy is required, the internal electronic cold end reference can be set to external and an ice bath used.

EDL’s LT-100 uses a convenient 9 V battery and a simple wall adapter for long term measurements.

A single 9 V battery will power the instrument for over 50 hours.

The computer interface is RS232 and allows you to turn it OFF when it is not needed.

The recommended PC software is Hyper Terminal; it is easy to use and interfaces with other programs easily and efficiently.

The data stream includes a time stamp for each record.

Fir more details visit: edl-inc.com/handheld_pyrometers/Microprocessor.htm.

Please click here for the LT-100 data sheet in PDF format.

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