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The Petite Fleur

Petite Fleur
The Petite Fleur

Offenburg, Germany — The Petite Fleur is the smallest dynamic temperature control system in Huber’s Unistat series and is ideally suited to controlling small investigation reactors.

Since its launch the baby Tango has become a bestseller in the Huber product range and as a result of its success, the product line has been expanded to include the new Petite Fleur-eo.

Designed specifically for externally open applications, the Petite Fleur-eo eliminates the risk of overflow or running dry, unlike conventional bath circulators.

Like all Unistats, the Petite Fleur models have outstanding thermodynamic properties and their ability to rapidly and accurately control and change temperature make them unique. Thermodynamically they cannot be matched by any other system within the price range.

The range of case studies created by Huber document that Unistats are significantly faster with better control, than competitive models offering more cooling power. The Petite Fleur was tested with reactor volumes from 0.3 to 6 litres and despite its size there is no drop in performance.

All the case studies are available to download at

All Petite Fleur models are built as compact, space saving designs and are easy to handle and manoeuvre into place. The Petite Fleur is available with working temperatures from ???40 to +200 ??C and cooling capacities of 480 Watts at full pump speed (according to DIN 12876).

Developments at Huber show that reducing the pump speed can make additional cooling power available ??? in some cases an extra 50 Watts can be achieved. The powerful circulation pump with flow rates up to 33l/min guarantees optimum heat transfer and the soft-start protects delicate glassware from breakage by compensating for changes in the fluid??s viscosity and balancing the pressure in the fluid circuit.

The Petite Fleur is equipped with the CC-Pilot controller which is preinstalled with the ???Professional??? version of the controller software.

The CC-Pilot offers a colour TFT screen, graphic display and, with a data cable, can be removed from the unit and used as a remote control.

Further features such as: a programmer, calendar and clock, user menus, ramp function, calibration and many other functions are offered. The Com.G@te interface module is factory fitted offering digital and analogue interfaces complying with the NAMUR standard, enabling integration into a process control system.

All models are supplied with natural refrigerants making them an environmentally friendly temperature control option.
More information can be found in the new 2011/12 catalogue which can be downloaded at or requested free by calling +49 (0) 781 9603 123 or emailing

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Peter Huber K??ltemaschinenbau GmbH was founded in 1968 by Peter Huber as one of the first enterprises in refrigeration. From 1984 it has been owned by the family and employs around 220 people, of which, 7 are refrigeration master craftsmen. More than 110,000 Huber temperature control units operate across the world in a range of industries.

Since the founding of the company, Huber has made its mark in the temperature control market for innovation. The introduction of Unistat Technology in 1989 has revolutionised temperature control. To this day, Unistats set the tone for highly dynamic temperature control processes. As a result, in 2011, Huber was again awarded the TOP 100 certificate for being one of the 100 most innovative middle sized companies in Germany for the third consecutive year.

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