Multichannel high temp meter with strong EMI immunity

4-channel high temp meter uses sheathed fiber optics

MultiChannel High Temperature Meter (MC-HTM)
MultiChannel High Temperature Meter (MC-HTM)

Minsk, Belarus — The MultiChannel High Temperature Meter (MC-HTM) is designed to replace traditional temperature sensors as thermocouples, thermistors etc. for high (> 600 ??C) temperature areas in presence of strong electromagnetic fields.

Applications area: microwave and inductive heating, high voltage equipment, intensive electromagnetic interference (EMI) environment and so on.

The optical system of MC-HTM collects light irradiation from the bottom of standard Ceramic Thermocouple Protective Tube, transfers it by fiber optics to MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) ??? based multichannel optical switch and then into a spectrophotometer.

The temperature is defined as a parameter of the detected spectral distribution in visible/near-infrared range by direct fitting the data of the spectrophotometer to Planck’s law.

This design of MC-HTM allows measuring the temperature profiles, having up to 24 or more independent channels in the temperature range 600????C – 1950????C with accuracy of 0.5%.?? The calibration parameters are stable over long operation times.

Key distinctive features/advantages of MC-HTM are:

  • Able to measure temperatures where others cannot ??? at microwave oven, under high voltage potential etc.;
  • Long-term stability, the reading does not depend of optical signal amplitude nor from contamination/degradation/misalignment of optical parts;
  • High temperature operation, upper bound is limited by protective tube material.

Summary specification of 4-channels high temperature meter (experimental model):

  • Channels number: 4
  • Temperature range,????C:?? 600 ??? 1950
  • Accuracy, % : 0.5 or better
  • Calibration interval: one year

Thermoprobe dimensions:

  • Working part external diameter, mm: 3-19
  • Working part length, mm: 150-600

Control Unit:

  • Dimensions, mm: 225x180x112
  • Weight, kg: 2.2
  • Length of connecting fiber optic cables, m: 5 and more

Price Starts at $20,500

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