NEW 8 TC Carcass Temp Logger

MadgeTech, Inc.has?? announced a splashproof TC logger that can be used through the entire sterilization process

 CTL2000 Carcass Temperature Logger

Contoocook NH, USA –?? The CTL2000 measures and records data from up to 8 thermocouple channels allowing the user to verify and validate post-production meat sterilization cycles. It aids in reducing pathogens, and helps to ensure post-slaughter sterilization process parameters are met.

The CTL2000 has a black anodized aluminum enclosure with a stainless steel hook allowing the device to be hung directly from a carcass.

This durable logger is splashproof and can be used through the entire sterilization process. The eight thermocouples can be inserted into different sections of the meat to provide an overall temperature profile.

The CTL2000 features a push button or programmable start and status LEDs for process optimization.

In addition, if a thermocouple is removed or severed during logging, the software automatically annotates the data.

MadgeTech’s CTL2000 can help to reduce and prevent food safety problems, improve quality and ensure that the chances of a recall are minimized.

The CTL2000 comes with 8 thermocouples and clips to help hold them in place. It is priced at $1,950.00.

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