New Delphin Expert Logger

Next Generation of Data Logging

Expert-LoggerCHESTERLAND OH, USA  —  Delphin’s new Expert Logger data logger combines advanced measurement technology with the latest communications features.

This new universal datalogger is available in three versions capable of processing 16, 32 or 46 analog input channels. Up to 8 digital inputs/outputs and an SDI-12 interface are also available.

Access stored data via USB, wireless LAN interfaces, or remote cellular connection to the Internet via UMTS/LTE. The Expert Logger is ideal for many applications including product testing, environmental measurement, laboratory data acquisition, R&D, and trials and testing.

Delphin’s new Expert Logger utilizes FPGA technology enabling it to process up to 46 analog input channels at both low and high sampling rates. Measurement data is accurately acquired, independently.

Easy to Configure and Operate

It’s easy to configure the Delphin Expert Logger from your PC. The included configuration software is easy to learn and use so you can get your application up and running ASAP. Users can quickly connect sensors to the Expert Logger using its plug-in screw terminals and a chart showing channel arrangement.

Users can also configure each set of four terminals as two differential inputs to measure Thermocouples, Current, Voltage, or to take measurements from a 4-wire RTD.

All analog inputs are galvanically isolated from each other.

The device’s 24-bit A/D converter ensures fast, precision sampling rates of up to 50 measurements per second per channel.

Expert Logger systems are also maintenance- and noise-free.

Flexible Signal Processing

The Expert Logger‘s versatile software channels set it above other data loggers.

The device’s internal software channels enable online evaluation of measurements and the logging of relevant data for later in-depth analysis. Using limit values, users can switch digital outputs or have the datalogger automatically send emails.

Able to operate in standalone mode using batteries, rechargeables or solar panels, these dataloggers are also equipped with an energy-saving ‘Sleep function’.

All Expert Loggers are equipped with an internal 4 GB memory that can independently store up to 100 million measurements with date and time stamps. Users can extend storage capacity as needed via external USB or LAN storage (NAS). Online measurement data or the contents of the data memory can be transmitted over the Internet via the integrated WLAN or UMTS module.

Configuration and Visualization Software

The Expert Logger comes complete with the powerful ProfiSignal Go software included FREE with delivery. ProfiSignal Go can be used to portray measurement data in trends and to carry out detailed analyses. This popular software also enables fast ASCII exporting of measurement data for MS Excel™ or for conversion into TDM format.

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