Das faseroptische Thermometer FOTEMP1-4

Dresden, Germany –?? The new fiber-optic thermometer, FOTEMP1-4, combines innovative design with user-friendly functionality. The modern design makes temperature measurement even easier and offers complete immunity to RFI, EMI, NMR and microwave radiation.

The FOTEMP1-4 has an innovative appearance: It has a larger screen and a modern keyboard which makes the data acquisition and control of the device even easier.

With its compact design, it fits perfectly into a laboratory. Various interfaces, analog and relay outputs make the device very versatile. The extensive software “Fotemp Assistant” enables a detailed evaluation via PC with direct export of data to an Excel spreadsheet.

The FOTEMP1-4 has a measuring range from -200 ??C to +300 ??C. It measures with the usual Optocon accuracy of ?? 0.2 ??C.

The fiber optic thermometer offers complete immunity to RFI, EMI and microwave radiation, making it ideal for environments where the use of conventional temperature measuring instruments is excluded due to extreme conditions.

It is compatible with all Optocon’s fiber optic temperature sensors and is ideal?? for any applications in the laboratory and in industry.

Optocon AG develops since 1993 measurement devices for fiber optic temperature measurement and fiber optic temperature sensors. In 20 years of business experience, the focus of the company is to provide customers with innovative and individual solutions for their fiber optic measurement projects. From the office in Dresden Optocon AG has established itself internationally and delivers products anywhere in the world.

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